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Robyn Dunphy ist Buchhalterin und IT-Fachkraft. Als bei ihr die Autoimmunkrankheit Arthritis festgestellt wurde, hat sie sich umschulen lassen. Gemäß den Prinzipien der Schmerzbewältigung durch sportliche Aktivität und Neukonditionierung des Körpers suchte Robyn einen Job, bei dem sie sich viel bewegen konnte (und nicht nur die für Buchhalter typischen sitzenden Tätigkeiten ausführte). Heute ist Robyn Trainingsleiterin und unterstützt vor allem Menschen mit chronischen Erkrankungen. Robyn hat einen Bachelor of Business Administration, ist praktizierende Wirtschaftsprüferin und besitzt die Fitness-Zertifizierungen III und IV. Zudem hat Robyn den australischen „Working With Children Check“ absolviert, besitzt Erste-Hilfe-Zertifizierungen und ist ein professionelles Mitglied bei Physical Activity Australia und Move. Für Limberation schreibt Robyn über Schmerzbewältigung durch Bewegung.

When You Have a BIG Event

I have just done something most of us find challenging. I’ve moved house. “House” is not strictly correct – I’ve moved apartments. Even when we want to move, it is still one of those most stressful activities we can undertake. It is emotionally stressful, but also very physically stressful, especially for any of us [...]

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A kybun shoe Experiment

I have been wearing kybun shoes exclusively for thirteen months. That is just shy of 400 days. One day this week I decided to run an experiment. What would happen if I wore something else? Would I notice any difference, I wondered? Had I done enough remedial work to risk wearing standard shoes every [...]

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The Importance of Posture

What exactly IS posture? When I was a young girl we were taught “shoulders back, tummy in” and a lady NEVER looked down when descending stairs. We learnt to walk with a book on our heads. I am sure many of you remember similar lessons. Good, or ideal, posture is when there is a [...]

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As we age, we may need to watch our calories

Staying as healthy as possible as we age is not just about exercise and our choice of footwear. A healthy diet suitable for our age and activity level is of paramount importance. As I mentioned last month, many wearers of kyBoot shoes, including myself, wear them because they have a musculoskeletal condition. One of [...]

As we age, we may need to watch our calories 2018-07-11T12:32:25+00:00

Are your doctors encouraging you to exercise?

Last month I wrote about incidental exercise, but what about a more structured approach to exercise? Many wearers of kybun shoes wear them because they have a musculoskeletal condition. I’m in that category. Most of us also probably have doctors in our lives, either general practitioners or specialists (called consultants in some countries) such [...]

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Incidental Exercise and kybun shoes

Never underestimate the value of incidental exercise. For many years 10,000 steps a day has been considered a desirable minimal level of daily activity for health. I’ve written before about the dramatic drop in activity from our active past to our now relatively passive present. If you missed it then, check out this video. [...]

Incidental Exercise and kybun shoes 2018-03-12T11:55:00+00:00

kybun shoes at work

Pain at work is not a good thing. It results in a lack of concentration and often the need to move more, or less, than the job really needs. As much as I really love my sporty Cirrus DXB, we can’t all wear runner style shoes to work every day. I work in an [...]

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Six months after my FIRST kybun shoe

January 3, 2018 will mark six months of me wearing kybun shoes. Six months is a good time to do a review! On Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day for those not familiar with this particular holiday), I went to the races wearing my newest pair! Deciding on the sandals wasn’t [...]

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kyBoot and Pain Management

I recently undertook an eight week Pain Management course, as a patient.  This was run by the Barbara Walker Centre for Pain Management, a unit within one of Australia’s major hospitals. This course was a combination of psychology, physiotherapy and a medical pain specialist. The value of exercise and movement for pain management was [...]

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Reconditioning Your Body

De-conditioning of the body is a serious concern for those of us with chronic medical diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia; or recovering from treatments such as chemotherapy. We are often in a degree of discomfort and the natural inclination can be to “rest”. Sufferers may end up spending long periods [...]

Reconditioning Your Body 2017-11-24T09:34:52+00:00