//Heel spur and plantar fasciitis treatment with the kyBoot

Heel spur and plantar fasciitis treatment with the kyBoot

Tatjana Stiffler Swiss skier

My foot problems began in the spring of 2016. After a running session, I got severe inflammation of my Achilles tendon, which I struggled with for several months. As a professional cross-country skier, taking a break from training at that time was completely out of the question – only the running sessions were dropped. Then, because I had been taking a lot of weight off the side where I had problems with my Achilles tendon, I suddenly got a pain in my heel on the other side. To begin with, this was not too bad, but shortly before the season started in November 2016, it kept getting worse and worse. When I was cross-country skiing, each step was really painful. So after having an MRI scan in February 2017, I had to pull out of all competitions for the rest of the season, and I even had to go on crutches.

I was diagnosed with heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and inflammation of the heel bone, which was causing pain at rest.

I had already tried several forms of treatment by then, including shock wave therapy, physiotherapy and fasciae treatments. None of these led to any improvements, unfortunately. One day, I discovered the kyBoot quite by chance as I was doing some research on the Internet, and I got in touch with the company straight away. They replied swiftly and gave me extremely kind advice and helpful information about how to use the kyBoot. While I was still on crutches, I began to train, or rather, go easy on my feet using the kyBoot. When I finally got rid of the crutches, I completed my development training for my feet using the kyBoot. I began by going for short walks while wearing the shoes before increasing the distance. I always kept them on for the rest of the day, too. At that time, I was still a long way off from pain-free walking or jogging sessions, though.

To start with, walking with the kyBoot was still really painful. But as time went on, my feet slowly but steadily started getting used to this stimulation, and I soon noticed an improvement. As soon as I found the rhythm between ‘stimulation’ and ‘rest’, things started looking up. It was not long before I was able to use skis or roller skis again without any pain, and there was a definite general improvement. I trained my feet using the kyBoot in between my running sessions, which were then water-based (in the form of aqua jogging or swimming). I have now completed a large proportion of my training for the important, upcoming season, and my feet are no longer injured. I can even run and jump again, as long as it is in small doses, and I managed to get through my preparatory training plan as desired. The kyBoot shoe is still important to my life as a professional athlete. I mainly wear it day-to-day, that is, between my training sessions when I am walking around my flat or if I know that I will have to stand somewhere for a long time. I have definitely noticed than my foot muscles have become a lot stronger on both sides. The shoe is just so comfy to wear; it is almost like walking around on cloud when I wear my kyBoot shoes.

I would like to say a huge thank you to kybun for the amazing support and for all their help! I can wholeheartedly recommend the kyBoot to anyone, no matter whether you are an athlete or just want an everyday shoe. You will definitely notice the difference!


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